Erik N Bowman

Erik N Bowman

Erik’s been called the father of the online social networking service [iMessenger 1999] and he launched the first film industry “crowd funding” service in 2002 [FilmVenture 2002]. Currently he is applying his expertise to the first book publishing industry crowd funding service [Authr.com 2012]

Erik’s ingenuity and hands-on business experience fuels his passion to help small and startup businesses succeed. As an author, serial entrepreneur and business advisor, Erik has been empowering business owners, start-ups and entrepreneurs to successfully meet their goals for over 20 years. Known for his proactive and innovative approaches to growth, Erik provides branding and marketing initiatives, customized technology solutions, publishing services, and sales strategy for his clients.

Helping businesses large and small through his best-selling book on Ultimate Marketing Secrets: Social Media Marketing, Erik’s highly-influential expertise motivates business owners by concentrating on simple, understandable and actionable components to marketing, promoting or enhancing a product or service. As a business technology expert, Erik has advised companies in both public and private sectors, from start-ups and small businesses to large corporations and major utility companies.

“Erik Bowman has been to exactly where you want to go and has written brilliantly about how you can get there yourself. His books on start-ups give you a head start and a major competitive advantage” – Jay Conrad Levinson, The Father of Guerrilla Marketing

“This excellent book, written by an expert, shows you how to succeed as a consultant faster and more profitably than perhaps you ever thought possible.” – Brian Tracy – Author, Earn What You’re Really Worth

Erik is a best-selling author with 15 books to his credit including the Certified Entrepreneur’s Entrepreneur Training Manual (and Workbook), Management Training Manual, Start It Up! How-To Guides For Business Startups book series, and the Entrepreneur Boot Camp® book series. He is also founder and current president of Guanzi Institute® through which he created the Certified Entrepreneur® training program; empowering first-time entrepreneurs, existing business owners and corporate managers with the skills they need to succeed in any industry.

Erik earned a Master’s degree in Education and a double major in Political Science (summa cum laude) and Philosophy from California State University.

Guanzi Institute®, Certified Entrepreneur® and Entrepreneur Boot Camp® are US Registered Trademarks owned by Erik N Bowman.