How to Become a Recognized Expert

Ask yourself this question: “If I needed an attorney who specialized in estate planning, who would I turn to?” Presuming you don’t already have someone in your professional circle, you’d probably try to find an expert, right?

You’d do some research and ask around for referrals and find the best person qualified. After narrowing your search down to a couple of attorneys, you see that one of them wrote a book about writing wills. You’d probably contact the expert who “wrote the book on it” and wouldn’t need to look any further.

Most of us want to find the best possible source of knowledge or expertise that we can when it comes to making choices and important decisions in our professional and personal life. We don’t stop at the first answer that we find online rather we do our homework to find the best option. So how does one become an expert?

Top 4 Things Experts Do

  1. They write articles
  2. They write blog posts
  3. The answer online questions in online communities.
  4. And most importantly, they write a book


New Year's Resolution: Work with Erik N Bowman to become a Best Selling author.

New Year’s Resolution: Work with Erik N Bowman
to become a Best Selling author.

Writing a book places your expertise on display for the world to read and gives people a reason to contact you even without a referral. Online communities have made it incredibly easy for readers to connect with authors and this has become another way for writers to grow their business, learn from their readers and build a following.

Realizing this, you can build a foundation for writing a book and become a recognized expert. An easy way to get started is by joining online communities and expert sites such as Quora or First, focus on the area(s) in which you wish to be a recognized expert. Write a series of informative articles or answer questions on the topics that are directly related to your area of focus.

Another great step on the path to writing your book is to create your own blog specifically related to your area of expertise. Posts at your blog will give you greater visibility online and may even be a way to create content for your book.

Writing a book may sound like a big task but if you exercise your writing muscle and sharpen your expertise following the steps above, you’ll create a much better book. And when people start calling you an expert in your field, it’s because you “wrote the book on it.”

Want to become a recognized expert? Read these resources on getting your book started.


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